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  Maine's First Cyber Security Test Lab

Maine Cyber Security Cluster Logo

Maine Cyber Security Cluster

The Maine Technology Institute has funded USM's (PI Glenn Wilson) proposal that aims to grow and sustain the Maine Cyber Security Cluster by creating a shared and secured R&D/commercialization "scratch lab" and testbed for new products and services, addressing the skills shortage in Cyber Security, and "branding" the Cluster as the national hub for cyber security solutions and workforce development.

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State of IT in Maine 2014 Update:

The 2013 conference has ended and we are currently working out the details for State of IT in Maine Conference in 2014. Click the link below for pictures of the 2013 conference!

2013 Gallery

Posted: 02/4/2013

Cyber Security Lab Update:

The build contract has been offered and accepted. After a long process, we are finally starting the build on our lab.....stay tuned for progress updates and photos

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Posted: 02/4/2013

The Second annual State of IT in ME Conference; provide insights into the current state of the art technologies....
Posted: November 9, 2012
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